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Consistent Lead Generation

Attract more top-quality, highly qualified customers and clients who need your products and services yesterday.

If Healthy Cash-Flow is your ultimate goal, then we need to focus on creating ROI-positive FB ads, desire-boosting email sequences, schedule-filling landing pages and money-printing sales letters.

"Intrigue. Persuade. Convert."

Every ad you put out there must move your audience closer to the sale - or you're just wasting precious money.

Value-packed, educational content + Perfect message-to-market match + Crystal-clear clarity + Persuasive writing = Conversions. I specialise in turning icy-cold strangers into raving-hot buyers.

Strategic, Data-Based Marketer

Create killer offers. Plan effective launch strategies. Discover your unique positioning in your market, and how to dominate it. Brainstorm engaging content ideas + what/when/how to write them.

I'm an avid student of scientific advertising, buyer psychology and human behaviours. If you desire growth - let's talk.

3 Growth Opportunities To Optimise

Almost every aspect of your business can be improved - You just need to know what to look for.

Lead Gen System

Weak Avatar Research

Effective marketing starts with deep understanding of your prospect - there are 3 vital things to consider. Clarifying your avatar is #1 priority!

Message-to-Market Mismatch

If you want attention, your message must start with the conversation already going on in your prospect's heads . Nailing this means higher response, more sales, and positive ROI + growth.

Nurture Sequence

Lack of / Unoptimised Follow-Up

Most prospects are NOT ready to buy yet. You need to nurture and educate them before they can make an intelligent buying decision. This is where it's done.

Not Qualifying Prospects

Top-quality & highly qualified prospects come from having a strict filtering process. Your nurture sequence must establish proper buying criteria. Trust me, it'll save you from having to deal with nightmare customers.

Marketing Message

Weak or Wrong Offer

An irresistible offer consists of 3 vital elements - miss any of them, or if one is weak, you're selling yourself short. I can help you optimise your offer.

Lack of Persuasive Elements

'Record-breaking' sales happen when you have the right traffic, the right offer, and persuasive copy. My strict framework includes a 21-Point Persuasion Checklist + an 8-Part 'Sales Message Optimiser'.

We're A Perfect Fit, If You Love:

Efficiency & Predictable Growth

Stop wasting hours or days on a sales letter, an email, a VSL, or a webinar script - and finding out later that it didn't convert as well as you hoped. Frustrating, I know.

You have many other things to do: Training your staff, creating more offers, engaging with your audience and delivering value, making sure they're happy and taken care of, and more...

The last thing you need is to spend your precious hours figuring out how to write words that sell - hours you could use elsewhere in the business.

Your focus is to run the business; mine is to make you more sales so you can GROW.

Testing New Ideas

Active testing is the key to profitable campaigns.

Good and bad marketing are not decided in a meeting room - they're decided in the marketplace.

The marketplace will tell you if your idea works.

The biggest problem is if the idea fails, you don't know if it's the idea itself, or how you present that idea.

Presentation is key - if what you say doesn't connect with your prospects, it'll fall flat.

Your message must be emotionally compelling and structured persuasively if you want your audience to see your offer and say, "This is exactly what I need!".

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Professional HypnoTherapist | CEO of Ignite Results

About Me

If your vision is to help as many people as possible in this short life… if you plan to leave behind a legacy or a memory of you helping other people achieve their successes and goals… if you plan to make this world a better place for yourself and your customers…

Then I want to be your right-hand man, because those are my primary drivers in life. Those are the main reasons why I do what I do.

Ever since I found out that copywriting has the ability to help people solve their problems, fulfil their desires, & reach their life-long goals, I dedicated myself to this amazing – and powerful – art of persuasive writing.

If we have the ability and skills to help the people around us, I truly believe we, as professionals in our field, should do our very best to help them.

When you choose to invest in me, what you’ll get is a partner who’ll fully support your vision – both in life and in business.

Let’s create everlasting, life-changing magic together.

Aliz AJ
The Original CopyRocker

Professional CopyGuns-for-Hire don't look like the status quo... 😉

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You MUST have a quality product/service that delivers on its promise. (Non-negotiable.) 
You have a list of customers/clients/buyers.
You’re actively running traffic to your offers and have a good budget for it.
You understand the importance of testing.

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