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"Aliz is amongst the most intuitive"

Real talk: I’ve been writing copy and consulting for well over a decade now. In this time, I’ve seen hundreds of copywriters come and go. Aliz is amongst the most intuitive I’ve seen; he just ‘gets’ it. The level of skill he’s able to bring to copy projects and the depth of knowledge he brings translates directly to conversions. Make no mistake: he’s one to watch (or hire, if he’s free)

James Steadman
Director of JC Steadman Marketing

"One of the most talented copywriters I know"

Aliz is a rockstar copywriter — both literally and figuratively. His copy rocks. He’s one of the most talented copywriters I know, really. While many other copywriters simply focus on making things sound smooth and conversational, Aliz takes it a step beyond and truly digs deep into the psychological triggers that increase conversions. So if you’re hungry for world-class copy, opt for Aliz ― he’s one of the most technically proficient copywriters alive

Daniel Doan
TEDx Speaker | Doan Consulting Group

"You know your stuff 100%"

Just got through reviewing the copy you sent me, and I like what I see. You got mind reading powers or what? Cause it’s pretty close to what I would’ve wrote. Will be testing this asap – just wanted to let everybody else know that you know your stuff 100%.

Brian Cassingena
Founder of Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast | Copywriter For Todd Brown, Bob Proctor, AdSkills, Mindvalley

Kind words from my friend, copy coach, & mentor, Adil Amarsi.
His copy generated over $500 Million of total sales and growing!

Adil Amarsi,

"[Aliz] still holds the highest grossing revenue campaign... in a single week with an email series, about $120,000..."

James Wilder
Copywriter & Marketing Director for Bobby Stocks, 
Local Marketing Masters Digital Agency

"After working with [Aliz], my CTR was like 2.5%-5%, that's fuckin phenomenal."
(watch for more stats breakdown)

Yikhai Wong
Digital Marketer | Managing Director of Grand Sport Detailing

"[Aliz] understands psychology very well, and how and why people will buy, and won't buy"
(endorsement from a 7-figure marketer)

Justin Spencer
7-Figure Digital Marketer | Owner of

"[I got] tremendous results... without even increasing my budget or ad spend, in turn allowed me to make a lot more sales"

Mathieu Mariole
Professional HypnoTherapist | CEO of Ignite Results​

More Testimonials!

Awesome feedback from the Stefan Georgi, one of the top direct response copywriters today who has grossed over $700MM in sales! Made me dance a little, like a twerk but just 5% of the full jiggle.

Yeah, this happened. James Wilder (the skaterbro in the vid above) is their marketing head. Final tally (wasn’t recorded unfortunately) was about $127,000 after a week

I helped Gary Chappell, former CEO of Nightingale Conantincrease his sales. One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!

Made me blush when I got this =P.  From the marketing manager of Streamline Publising, an INC5000 company. Sold more than they were usually doing. Yeahoo!

“I was able to get Tai Lopez’s conversion rate to almost 12% from the under 3% his campaign was doing before he used my copy. And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Aliz’s help. If you want a copywriter who has had multiple PROVEN successes in increasing his clients’ CTR, conversion rates and overall revenue… and one who can help YOU do the same… Aliz is that guy.”

Angie Federico

Professional Copywriter

“I was writing an email sequence for a product launch for a fitness business. I felt the copy was already good. But I asked Aliz to have a look at it anyway. With surgical precision, Aliz was able to pinpoint some flaws in my copy. His suggestions really elevated my copy to the next level. The open rate of the sequence increased to an avg of about 30%. I can’t recommend him enough. Thanks again, Aliz!”

Timothy Buysman

Timothy Buysman Copywriting

“A BIG shout-out to Aliz AJ. I am so blessed to have found him! =D I would like to thank him for helping me out with my leaderboard competition!!! I wanted to win the competition and engaged Aliz’s copywriting services. He got me to position #1!!! Hire him if you’re lucky enough! Thank you Aliz!”

Lidia Djingga

Founder of Mompreneur

“I’ve been working with Aliz for a few months, he’s a great personality, and also knows how to give a great personality to a brand through his copy. Most importantly, he understands and actually is very passionate about converting and selling with copy, not just about the words looking nice. He loves to learn, and constantly reads and shares his knowledge with us”

Agnieszka (Agnes) Chen-Dadura

Project & Strategic Manager - Siren Group Int. Ltd.

“Aliz was simply superb. He took initiative to thoroughly understand the needs of the job and from there, he went above and beyond to exceed what was expected. He even went as far as providing additional content to enhance the overall communication strategy. “Big picture” thinking is what sets Aliz apart from the rest. Would I hire him again? YES! Thanks again for everything, Aliz!”

Eshter Tie

Marketing Manager - Hotel Leisure

“Skilled, reliable copywriters are hard to find. Most are either lazy, make excuses or can’t sell themselves out of a wet paper bag. In a marketplace flooded with unskilled people who’ve been sold the ‘copywriting dream’, Aliz shines like a diamond in the rough. From the moment we first spoke I knew he had a fierce determination to succeed and a fire in his belly most copywriters lack. And it shows in his work. He crawls inside the psyche of his prospects, expertly follows a persuasive architecture and keeps his copy tight, pithy, and compelling. The scary thing is he’s only been doing this for 2 years – and he’s getting better every day! Hiring Aliz now could be the smartest move you ever make as a business owner. The rate this guy is levelling up means you could be investing TWICE as much even in 6 months time. Lock him in now before he comes to his senses and ups his fees!”

Zac Pranskunas

Founder/Chief Copywriter - Direct Results Marketing

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