Do you know how many marketers are out there?

There are millions of them and they’re popping up everywhere like mushrooms.

And you’re probably one of the mushrooms.

Well you gotta be. That’s why you’re here.

So I guess you wanna know how to be a unique mushroom, then.

Here’s the simplest way to go about it:

Just show your personality!

The only thing that is unique to you.. is your own personality. And this is what will attract people to you.

Here’s the thing you gotta remember: You are ultimately working with people. Don’t forget this.

You are working with people somewhere around the world out there, desperately looking for help and want to achieve the same dreams as you.

They have the same aspirations and goals as you. They have worries and doubts and feelings as you.

People like one another because of each other’s personalities. If you can be the real you without coming off as a fake, they’ll see that and will like you better for it.

Once they’re comfortable with you, they’ll start listening.

Once they start listening, they’ll start trusting.

Once trust is established, what do you get?


“But what if they don’t like my personality?”

Well, fuck them. You can’t please everyone, buddy.

Why would you ever want to work with anyone who doesn’t like you? It doesn’t make sense anyway.

It’s not your loss, but let me explain why.

You are in the business of helping someone and you know what you have is able to get someone from where they are to where they wanna be.

You know that the value you’re giving away is worth listening to.

So whoever is willing to listen to you, WILL listen. Because of one simple reason: You have what they want.

Add to that your ‘realness’ in personality and character, you’ll soon gain fans. Fans that align with your colorful character and wonderful personality.

And fans is another term for “loyal customers”.

So why would you bother worrying about trying to work with people who are not interested in you?

But how exactly do you be ‘real’?

Easy. Just do whatever you’re doing, with a little bit (or a lot) of yourself mixed into it!

For eg: Me. Do you see what I’m doing? I’m TALKING to you. I imagine myself looking at you, while you’re sitting across me, listening intently to what I’m saying here.

Maybe you’re making notes, or mental ones, and probably nodding in agreement.

Whatever it is, I’m talking to you right now, right here, with only these text and letters and computer screen dividing us.

Share your knowledge. Share what you’re doing. If you’re new, be truthful about it.

People like to be working with someone they can relate with.

Show them who you really are. There’s nothing to lose.

Share with them your hobbies, talk to them like how you talk to your friends or someone else, talk about your life. People like to know these things.

They wanna relate to you. They wanna feel that you’re actually a friendly person online and you’re honest in helping someone.

Be yourself, my friend.

We don’t need anymore copycats here.

We need YOU.

Best Regards,


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