Many new marketers are making mistakes that’s preventing them from getting the results they’re looking for when buying solo ads.

Get rid of those mistakes and you can almost guarantee your own success!

Please read this if you’re

• New to solo ads traffic..
• Looking for traffic but not sure what to prepare beforehand..
• Bought traffic before but had bad results..
• Interested in getting consistent and profitable results.

Many new online marketers don’t come prepared – thinking that just getting traffic to an offer is all there is to it.

They don’t know basic traffic buying principles.. making them lose money instead of profiting!

And profiting is the main goal when you buy any kind of traffic, and I’ll show you how.

But here’s their biggest mistake:

Expecting unrealistic results.

If you’re like that, I hate to break it to you..

You’re only gonna be disappointed.

No, you won’t get rich overnight, you won’t get to quit your job immediately, you most definitely won’t achieve the coveted ‘financial freedom’ status just by buying a traffic package.

However.. there IS a way to get results..

Guaranteed results – results that will get you on the right path towards your dream goals.

Results that will light the path towards your income goal..

Results that will soon get you to your goal of financial freedom..

And I’ll reveal how below.

Avoid These Success-Killing Mistakes!

You should always aim for consistent opt-in rates and a positive return-on-investments (ROI).

Mistake #1 – Not Capturing Leads

The most common mistake new marketers make is not capturing the leads from the traffic source.

You must always capture the leads!

The reason to capture leads is so that you can contact them again about an offer they’re already interested in.

When someone opts into your page, it means that you have some information they wanna know. They give their email in exchange for the information you have for them.

You store them in your preferred auto-responder (I highly recommend Aweber) so you can notify them on a later date about your offer, or any other offers you have.

You do this by creating an opt-in page (a.k.a capture page or squeeze page). There are various capture page creators out there in the market.

But having a capture page isn’t the solution, it’s what’s on the capture page.

Designing a bad capture page can actually drive people away!

There’s a certain method to creating the perfect, high-converting capture page – it’s the difference between a low 15-20% opt-in rate and a healthy, industry-standard of 35%-45% opt-in rate.


Mistake #2 – Not Engaging Leads

Another common mistake that even experience marketers make is NOT engaging your leads after capturing them.

A lot of your subscribers are already interested in what you have to offer – which is why they opt-in to your page in the first place – but they just need a little bit more “push” to get them to make the sale.

You need to reassure your leads about what your offer can do and how it can help them. Usually they need more proof or a better explanation of your offer.

Remember: Why would someone buy something if they don’t understand what it can do for them?

Talk about the benefits of having your offer – how can it solve their problem.

You do this by writing follow-up emails in your autoresponder.

The purpose of these emails is to entice your prospects more. Educate them.. explain to them.. make it clear to them why your offer is the solution they’re looking for.

TIP: One of the reasons why many prospects hesitate to join a program is because they’re worried they’re gonna be alone. By engaging them via emails, you solve this problem. They’ll start trusting you, which will eventually lead to a sale!

Smart marketers solve this problem by writing a follow-up sequence for their capture leads.

The ones who can’t write usually hire copywriters to do the job for them.

Here’s what Perry Marshall, author of the popular book 80/20 Sales & Marketing, said about copywriters:

“..great copywriting can make or break a business. Give me a so-so product with the world’s best copywriter, and I will sell millions of dollars’ worth of the product. Give me a great product and a bad copywriter, and the company may go bankrupt.”

Consider engaging a copywriter’s services for your business. Like me. LoL.


Mistake #3 – Not Tracking

Tracking is one of the most important parts of a business.

Without tracking, how can you know if your efforts are making you a profit or causing you a loss?

With tracking, you can know for sure whether you’re having a positive ROI or not.. and once you do, all you have to do is scale it up!

Let’s say you’ve setup all of your tracking and you wanna buy a package from me.

After purchase, you see that you are in a great 40% profit – and you wouldn’t know this number without tracking!

Now let’s say you bought 500 clicks and your profit is $200 after the purchase..

Then you scale up by getting 5,000 clicks instead – which will increase your profit to $2,000!

The important thing to remember here is that to succeed in your business you need to have consistent results and profitable ROI.

You can achieve that by having a capture page, a well-written follow-up email sequence and a good tracking system (I recommend ClickMagick).


These 3 are the most common mistakes most new marketers make. But now you know better don’t ya?

Hope this helps, and if you think this is useful, please share this post!

Chat soon,


Disclaimer: This post was originally written for a client. I’m putting it here because I think it will be of value to you. 


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