Do you know what’s the most valuable asset you can have online?

It’s not your product. It’s not your marketing savvy.

It’s your subscriber list.

Having a list is the most important thing you can have online.. because this list can generate you money with just a simple click of a button.

Well, not really just one click.. but you know what I mean.

Here’s why having a list is important..

First of all, to get your subscriber list, you have to create a squeeze page.. and this squeeze page will have a headline that resonates with the visitor. He’ll be more than willing to give you his email in exchange to know more about what your headline is saying.

Once they’re in your list, they’re now classified as warm leads.

Warm leads are people who are more open to your messages.. they have an open ear to what you have to say..

..or what you have to offer them.

When someone subscribes your list, they’ll go through a series of emails called an email sequence. (Or follow-up sequence, or autoresponders..)

This email sequence have one sole purpose.. to convert your subscribers into buyers.

You do that by providing value and information you think the reader might find useful.

The more you share, the more they like you.

They more they like you, the more they are willing to buy from you.

But what does this all mean..?

It means that you now have a list full of targeted, interested prospects who are willing to listen to you and buy from you!

You literally have a goldmine at your fingertips!

With a list, you can start “printing” money on demand.. like an ATM you have on your computer.

How does this work?

Picture this.. You have a list of 1,000 subscribers. You’ve nurtured them, gave them value and they like what you’re sharing.

You’ve established trust and authority.. They know that you know your stuff.

Say you found a good offer on Clickbank and you think that it’s something your list is interested in.

You write a simple email (with good copywriting of course) telling about the product and what it can do.

Chances are you WILL get sales (if you nurtured them right that is.)

Let’s say the Clickbank offer costs $97. With good copywriting plus an offer that’s proven to convert, maybe a good 10% of your list make the purchase..

That’s 100 people. 100 x $97..

That’s $9700 made in one day.

With one email.

With one list.

Although this is just all in theory,  having a list is still very important because you have the potential of that happening!

Do your best to always capture leads when you’re getting traffic.

Keep those leads close and take good care of your list.

Connect with them once in awhile, they’re humans too. Like you. (I hope.)

Remember these words: The Money Is In The List!

Chat soon,

Aliz AJ
Direct-Response Copywriter
My Copy Rocks.

PS: My preferred squeeze/capture page creator is FunnelKit.

I’m not a technical guy so this program is perfect for me.




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