Alright, today we’re gonna talk about your offer’s Unique Selling Proposition, a.k.a “USP”.

The USP is what makes your offer special, it’s the one thing that will set your offer aside from the thousands of other similar looking products out there.

Businesses these days are finding it hard to get clients to pick them. Creating a solution for buyers is not a problem anymore. Anyone can do it. But getting CHOSEN for your solution is a whole different story.

So today I’m going to show you how to find YOUR offer’s USP.

Discovering Your USP

First of all, you gotta know your ideal customer. You need to know what they want, what they’re looking for. If you don’t, it’s gonna be hard to discover your USP.

Picture your ideal customer and try be in his shoes. What does he want?

What is the #1 thing they’re looking for when choosing your offer?

Next, you need to make a list of reasons why they should you. Study your product again and list down the best 10 reasons why anyone should choose you.

The more reasons you can come up with, the better. I suggest to get 10 at the very least. You might need to spend time understanding your own offer. (Which is a good thing, you know.)

Once you get your reasons down, let’s see how interesting they are.

If one of the reasons is exactly what your ideal customer wants, make a note of it. Try to sort it from most interesting to least interesting.

I’d rank them by using numbers 1-5. The most interesting reason will get a 5, an ok-ok reason will get a 1. If the reason isn’t that great, it’s just something “nice to have”, then I’ll give it 2-4 depending on the reason of course.

Try to have less than 3 number 5’s. If you have more than 3, you need to re-do this part again.

Next, we gotta see how truly unique those reasons are.

Look at all of your reasons again. If it’s something the customer can easily get somewhere else, give it a low score. For something only YOU have, give it a high score. If the reason is something only a few competitors offer, 2-4.

Now that’s all done, tally all the scores together. Look at the ones with the highest score. You might get 2-3 with high scores.

Those are your USPs. Jot them down somewhere, take a mental note, frame it on your wall.

When you’re writing your copy or sales message, always use your USP because that’s what will set you apart from the others.

Show Your Personality!

There’s another way to be unique, and that is by showing your own personality. This is something that’s truly unique of you.

If you can show your personality, your character, all of your weird kookiness into your offer, people will relate more to you.

Because it’s your personality that attracts people to you. Show them how likeable you are. How do you get your friends to like you?

When you meet someone new, what do you do?

You’re in the people business after all. You’re not dealing with robots or faceless people. You’re dealing with someone just like you. And they believe that you might be the person to help them.

“What if they don’t like my personality?”

Here’s my answer: If they don’t like you, why do you wanna work with them? Shouldn’t you focus all your attention to those who actually like you?

Sometimes you gotta polarize people.

Take me for example. I’ve no problems sharing my rockstar personality to everyone. That’s who I am.

Some people won’t like it because they think heavy metal is ‘the devil’s music’. Hilarious.

All I know is they’re missing out a darn good copywriter for their business. My loss? No. I have more time for those who actually want my services.

Narrow Your Audience!

This was something I did to help my housemate find his unique angle in teaching guitar. He’s an amazing guitarist and he wanna start doing guitar lessons.

The problem is there are already a lot of guitarists here doing that. Skill-wise, they’re all evenly matched. So here’s what we did..

I asked him what he can do and he said he don’t wanna teach the basic stuff. That’s not special at all. You can find those in YouTube anyway. He wants to focus on the advanced stuff.

Things started to narrow down.

Then I asked him, what do you think an advanced-level guitarist will wanna learn from you? We listed down all of his abilities.. and one stood out.

Advanced level guitarist wanna be good at playing guitar solos, create beautiful rhythms and write song masterpieces.. but teaching them how to achieve those is quite common. You just need some knowledge of musical theory.

Then I said, “Well, can you teach them how to create all those with their own unique style?”

“Yes.. Yes I can!” Boom.

His USP: teach advanced level guitarist on how to find their unique ‘voice’ when playing guitar.

No one was doing that at the time. He’s dominating the market right now. No one else thought of that first, and now he’s reaping all of the rewards.

Narrowing down your audience can help the process of finding your USP.

See how powerful discovering your USP can be?

Take some time to do this. Trust me, it’ll be well worth the effort.



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