Services Available for Booking

Copywriting Services
I do homepages, about pages, product descriptions, sales copy, etc. I’ll set up the stage, get the props up, prepare the lights and fireworks, and I’ll rock your copy out.

Email Sequences
You’ll get 5-7, 300-500 word emails written for your offer. You can either provide me with the topics or I’ll rock something out.

Copywriting Rewrites
Your previous guy wasn’t ‘entertaining’ enough? Let me rock your copy into a facemeltin’, sales-pullin’ machine.

Email Sequence Rewrites
Boring email sequence? Let me add some flame-spewin’ , Harley-rumblin’, badassery to them.

Here’s how you can book me:

1. Send an email to and tell me briefly what you need help with. Put the subject as: “Interested in your (Copywriting / Consulting / Designing) Gig”

2. I’ll respond within 48 hours with a few questions to see if we’re a good fit. I won’t do it if I know I can’t rock it out for you. In the case that I’m unfamiliar with your business, I’ll recommend the best guy for your project.

3. If we’re a good fit, I’ll let you know how to proceed next. Usually I’ll ask you  a few more questions for clarification purposes. For copywriting jobs, I may or may not send you a questionnaire to fill up.

4. Next, I’ll create a custom quote for you for the gig you’ve picked.

5. Once quote is agreed, I’ll send a PayPal invoice to your PayPal email address. Depending on the project, I may or may not send a contract to sign. This is to protect both you and me. (I get paid for work done, and you get the project you paid for.)

6. Gig commences! Sit back, relax, have a drink, while I set up the stage for the rock show! \m/

7. For copywriting and designing gigs, you’ll get daily updates from me, and you’ll get drafts of the project sent to you so you can give feedback. I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia, so you might get an email at some weird hour depending on your location.

8. After feedback process is complete, I’ll deliver the final copy and you can use it to rock your crowd!

My Skype ID: alizjkrocks

Here’s my email again:

I look forward to talking to you!



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