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"Ok, how the heck do I start this sales letter...."

"Dammit, I'm stuck.. what am I suppose to write next?"

"Wait.. do I have everything I wanted to say written down in the copy..?"

"Hmm.. maybe I can tweak this part better.."

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Learn how a proper sales letter structure looks like
No more confusions on how a sales letter looks like because I'll show you the science behind writing one inside. Imagine your prospect is a thermometer who needs to be heated up using the right words before buying your offer. Inside, I'll show you how to boil them!

Study the 4 main parts of a sales letter and each individual sub-parts
Each part is equally important as they play an important part in answering your prospect's doubts and questions. Learn what goes on within each of them so you can write rock-solid copy every time!

Improve each individual component of your sales letter by using my own personal notes and examples
Best way to explain something is by giving examples. You’ll see some of my examples and how you can use them yourself.

Understand the psychology behind each component of a sales letter and what each part means for your prospects
Your audience have a certain set of unwritten questions in their head that needs to be answered before they decide to purchase your offer. Each component plays a part in answering those questions. I’ll show you how to approach them.


Learn how to determine your prospect's awareness level so you can craft the perfect headline for your offer - This will cut half the time of you figuring out what to write!

A simple trick you can do immediately to get right into your prospect's thought process and answer their doubts right where they're currently reading!

4 types of bullets you can add to your sales letter right now to spice up your copy in an instant!

..and more! (I just wanted to say that. It's so cliche it's awesome!)

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